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When setting up the Event's Registration, Organizers can create Affiliate links to track how many tickets (and how much money) is brought in by a certain person. Affiliate links will take the Registrant to the Event Page, where they can purchase their ticket(s). 

Creating Affiliates

Within your event's dashboard navigate to Manage > Registration > Affiliates.

The " Add Affiliate" option will become available on the right hand side if you not yet set one up: 


You will then be prompted to enter an Affiliate Name and Affiliate Email. You can also choose whether to notify the affiliate or not by using the ON/OFF toggle at the bottom. 


After entering the Affiliate information, click on save. 

Affiliate Link and Report

The Affiliate link and Report link will become available once the Affiliate has been added.


The Affiliate Link can be copied in its shortened form and shared with potential Registrants. Likewise, Organizers can click on the link to be redirected to the Event Page with a Custom URL. All the purchases processed using this link will be recordeded. 

If you would like to check the status of the Affiliate, you can get a quick glimpse by checking under Leads and Registrations. If your Event only allows Attendees to purchase one ticket at a time, these numbers will match. If multiple ticket purchases are allowed, then: 

  • Leads show the number of individual ticket purchases that were made through this link. If a single individual purchased two tickets, then there will be two leads showing under this column. 
  • Registrations show the number of successful registrations that took place after following this link. If a single person purchase two tickets, then there be one registration showing under this column. Though two tickets were purchased, it was through a single registration. 

Likewise, to generate a simple report that can be exported as a PDF using your browser, you can click on the Report link to see the data as it relates to a single Affiliate. If Organizers want to share summaries with their affiliates, sending them the information under this link would be useful for tracking progress. Likewise, by isolating the information, no one else's data would be visible other affiliates. 

If you wish to delete an affiliate, you can do so on the right hand side of your created affiliate and by clicking on the trash icon. 

Affiliate Notifications

If Organizers leave the toggle ON when asked if they would like to notify their affiliates, email notifications will be sent to Affiliates when a purchase is completed. A green checkmark will be visible under the column labeled Notify. 


The email they receive will look like this: 


If the Affiliate does not want to receive notifications, Organizers can change this setting at any time. 

Deleting Affiliates

On the Affiliates page, Organizers will see all the Affiliates they have created. If they would like to remove anyone, they just need to click on the trash icon on the first colum starting from the right. Deleting the Affiliate will not remove the registrations processed while using that link. 

The data associated with the Affiliate — the number of leads and registrations — will no longer be tracked, however. Please keep in mind: this data cannot be recovered once deleted. 

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to support team at  

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