Creating and Designing Your Certificate

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As an Organizer, you can set up Certificates for attendees to earn throughout the Event. There is no limit to the number of Certificates you can create. However, keep in mind that these need to be tied to a Session. A certificate cannot be linked to Event attendance or check-in. 

Creating a Certificate

To create a Certificate, go to Design > Certificates > Add a Certificate



After you click on Add Certificate, you will be asked to enter: 

  • Certificate Name: The name you will give the certificate. 
  • Select a Session: The Session to which the certificate will be tied. From the dropdown, select the Session. If no Sessions have been created, you won't be able to set up the Certificate. Learn more about setting up Sessions here. '
  • Select a Paper Type: If this certificates are to be printed, you can select the Paper Type (Legal, Letter, A4, etc.) from the dropdown. 
  • Width & Height: These fields will be automatically populated when a Paper Type is selected. If Letter is chosen, for example, the width will be set to 216mm and the height to 279 mm. 


Setting Certificate Requirements

Once the Certificate is created, you will be prompted to set up the conditions that attendees need to meet to get the Certificate. 


  • Checked In: If this option is toggled on, attendees will need to check into the Session to qualify for the Certificate. 
  • Duration: This option will become available if Checked-In is toggled on. You can determine the minimum physical and virtual duration of their participation (in minutes) needed to qualify for the Certificate. 
  • Registration Types: If this option is enabled, only attendees who have the Registration Types selected will qualify for a Certificate. To add Registration Types to the list of eligible candidates, just click on the text box underneath and start typing their name. When populated, just click on it and it will get added to it. 
  • Custom Questions: Similar as above, if enabled, only the individuals who gave specific answers to Custom Questions will qualify. 
  • Schedule Certificate Delivery: If you don't want to send out the certificates manually, you can Schedule their delivery by toggling this option ON. Then, just enter the date and time when you want to see them delivered. 

Designing your Certificate

To Customize your Certificate, you can use the fields to the left to add different elements. You can add dynamic fields related to the attendee registration and participation. Or, you can add a static text box or a static image. 


To add these fields unto your Certificate, just click on them to see them applied on the screen. Then, you can customize their placement. Likewise, you can change font, text size, and placement by using the toolbar above the certificate designer.


You can increase a fields size by clicking on it and extending it. You can also delete a field by clicking on it, then choosing the trash can on the top right of the text box.


When you're done with your design, click on Save for the changes to apply.

Feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance. 

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