How to share your screen to show content

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This article is intended to educate Speakers and Admins on how to use our Share Screen functionality to show content in a session.

After you have started broadcasting as a speaker or admin in a session, you will see several settings at the bottom of the stream. If you click on the third setting from the left, you will see options to optimize your screen share experience based on the type of content that you are looking to share. These three options are Optimize for text & images, Optimize for motion & video, and Optimize for motion & video (Full HD).


If you select either of the Optimize for motion & video options, you will see a pop up to alert you that you must select Share Audio if you are sharing a video with an audio component that you would like the audience to hear.


You will then see a pop up where you can either share Your Entire Screen, share your Application Window, or share your Chrome Tab if you are using Google Chrome. 


If you select Application Window or Chrome Tab, you will then need to select the specific Application Window or Chrome Tab that you are looking to share, and then click Share.

If you are sharing a video with audio, you will also need to select the Share Audio at the bottom of the pop up, and then click Share.


Once you are done sharing your content, click on Share Screen at the bottom of the stream, and click on Close Screen Sharing.


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