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There are two ways that Organizers can set up Double-Sided Badges. They can manually arrange the fields or they can use the Badge Mirroring function within the Designer to create their double-sided Badges. This article will go over both processes. 

Manual Set Up

While in the Designer, create a Badge and make sure that the height is twice the size of the width. For example, if you are starting with a Zebra Custom with 4.0w x 3.0h, you will need to double the height so it becomes 4.0w x 6.0w. Using the Grid feature can help with measuring the perforation line between badges.



When setting the Grid to 3.0 x 3.0 will then let you see the exact point where the badge is divided in half. 

You can then start adding the field you want to see printed on the badges. Those that will be printed on the lower half need to be vertically flipped. You can change this by clicking on Flip > Vertical or by clicking on Rotate and turning the content counterclockwise or clockwise until it is upside down. 


Likewise, you can use the grid lines to represent the perforation or fold on your Badge. In the example above, the grid line that runs right through the middle would be an analogue to this fold. 

All the fields that will appear on the back of the Badge need to be inverted to ensure that the orientation will be correct after folding the printer badge along the perforation lines.

The main benefit of using this method is that you can also ensure that the content present on both sides is different. For Organizers who want to include personal information in the front of the badge and the Schedule and extra information on the back, this is the best option to take! 


Badge Mirroring

To Mirror your Badge, the only thig you need to do is click on the Mirror button on the top=right corner of the Badges. Before doing so, however, we would advise checking two things: 
  • Badge Dimensions: Mirroring will automatically double the size of the Badge, so please adjust the size accordingly. 
  • Grid: The Grid helps with the placement of elements within a Design. When toggled ON, the mirrored area on the badge will not contain this information. 


Once your design is ready, click on Mirror to generate the mirrored area. You should see the same design appear (inverted) under the perforation lines that will be marked on the canvas: 


Any modifications made to the Badge will be immediately reflected in the mirrored area. So, if the QR code is moved to the left (on the area with the grid), the QR code will be moved to the right on the mirrored area. 

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to support team at  



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