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The different Registration form fields you decide to use for your Registration Form can be made visible or hidden by going to Manage > Registration Form. In this segment, you will be asked to choose which fields will be visible and which ones will be hidden. For visible fields, you can choose to make those optional or mandatory, depending on the Event area you're modifying.

In this article we will cover all the areas where fields can be made visible and how they can be used to capture data. 

Area Selection

When you access the Registration Form, you will see a message that reads:

Choose the visibility for platform

Next to it, you should see a dropdown menu that lets you select the area of the platform we're going to be modifying. You can choose one of six options: 

  • Event Page: If you're hosting your registration through Boomset, the fields made Optional, Required or Hidden in this area will determine the way your Registration Form looks. 
  • Guest List Admin Mode: When you open the Guest List app, you're in it's admin mode. The fields made visible here will affect what the Group Members see when they access the Guest List app in this mode. Your options here will be a bit different — Read Only and Visible, with the latter making it unable to edit Guest Info. 
  • Guest List Kiosk Mode: This area will determine the way the Registration Form will look like for walk-ins. You can choose to make options here Required, Optional, or Hidden. 
  • Virtual Profile: If a field is made visible here, that attendee detail will be visible in their virtual profile. 
  • Virtual Community: If a field is made visible here, that attendee detail will be visible in the Community. Though, please note that an attendee can made their profile hidden from the Event Appp. 

Visibility Options

When making changes, you will see different visibility options depending on the area where you're making changes. These options are as follows: 

  • Required: Attendees will need to answer this question to proceed.
  • Optiona: Attendees do not need to answer this question to proceed. 
  • Visible: The answer to this field will be visible in the designated area.
  • Read Only: The answer will be visible but cannot be modified. 

Required and optional will be the chocies for the Event Page and Guest List Kiosk Mode. While Visible and Hidden will be the options to choose in the other sections. Read Only is mainly used for the Guest List App in Admin Mode. 

Making & Saving Changes

Once you have selected the area you'd like to edit, changing the visibility of the field is a quick process. Using the dropdown menu under visibility, please selecty the area of the page you want to update.


Then, select the field for which you want to adjust the visibility. Once selected, you will need to choose the visibility option you'd like! 

It's also possible to make multiple changes at once. You can also use the checkboxes on the left to make multiple selections. After making your selections, you will see the possible options for changes in bold: 


Click the check box next to the bolded words to apply the same visibility preference to all fields. Or, you can use the dropdown menu. 

You can also change the visibility of the Custom Questions you create, as well!


Note: The Lead Retrieval segment refers to the information that will be shared with the Exhibitors who participate in your event.  

Feel free to reach out to us at in case you have questions or need assistance. 

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