Video Tutorial on Barcode Scanner Setup

Setting up your scanner

To power on the scanner press and hold the small power button for about two seconds until the scanner beeps twice. 

Next, activate iOS mode. By default your scanner is set to HID mode which is similar to using a wireless keyboard.
With your rental equipment you will find a QR code to change to iOS mode. Scan it and the scanner will beep three times.

Now let's pair the scanner with your Apple device. Open the settings menu. On the left side go to the Bluetooth tab.
Enable Bluetooth and wait for your Bluetooth scanner to show up.
Now tap on it and wait for the connection to be established.

Please note: If you’re renting an iPad along with the scanner through Choose2Rent the devices will already be set up.

Once your Bluetooth connection is established the scanner shows up as connected under my devices.

Testing your Bluetooth connection

Open the Boomset app. Once the app opens the scanner will beep, confirming the connection.
Tap on the SCAN button to check in guests.
If your guest has a paper ticket, scan their ticket and the device will beep. You can repeat the process for mobile tickets as well


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