Custom Qualifiers & Data Consent: An Introduction

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This article is meant to serve as an introduction to the use of Custom Qualifiers and Data Consent Questionnaires that Exhibitors might have available for their Event Experience. 

Data Consent

If the Organizer has enabled this option, Leads will be prompted to select which data they are comfortable sharing with the Exhibitor. The information they choose to exclude will not be visible in the Lead Report that you will export afterwards. 

Organizers will enable this option from their Dashboards and set up the Question / Text that will be visible for Attendees after their QR Code is scanned. Exhibitors, on their end, can choose whether they would like the Exhibitor to receive a copy of their answers. 

You can enable this option by going to Design > GDPR. This section looks like this: 


To the left, you can preview the message that is set up on the text box on the opposite side of the page. From the drop-down menu, you can select the phone size that matches your device so you can get a more accurate preview. 

Once you are ready, click on Save! 

Custom Qualifiers

Custom Qualifiers are questions that can be asked to Attendees after they are scanned. If the Organizers have enabled Custom Qualifiers for your Event, you will be able to set as many Custom Questions as you would like, if the option is enabled. 

When setting up Custom Qualifiers, you will be able to choose between four question types: 

  • Text: Leads can enter their answer into a small text box. 
  • Multiple Choice: Leads can choose one among different options, set up by the Exhibitor. 
  • Checkboxes: Leads can choose as many options as they would like from the ones available.
  • Ratings: Leads will be able to choose one option from a scale. 

Exhibitors can set up their Qualifiers on the Lead Retrieval App directly or they can do so from the Web Platform. You can find more information about how to set up Qualifiers in these two articles: 

Below, you can find a video walkthrough that showcases how these two features look like for attendees! 

For any questions or clarifications about this process, feel free to reach Support at  

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