Setting up contactless check-in

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Setting up contactless check-in is simple with Boomset by Hopin! It’s crucial when deciding on this form of check-in that you have: 

  1. Already set up an email including the variable QR code and that you’ve communicated with attendees how important it is to bring this QR code with them otherwise it will delay their ability to check-in. 
  2. Planned or will prepare to use kiosk mode as opposed to admin mode on your check-in devices. 
  3. Decided not to have attendees confirm their registration information on-site, take selfies, or sign any digital documents. 

To set up your event properly for contactless check-in you will need to use the web platform and the guest list app. On the web platform, head to the Design > Kiosk Mode > Checking In tab and turn ON the “Allow Scan” setting. 


After you have turned on this setting on the web platform, you can update each of the devices you are using on-site by clicking on the settings gear located at the top right corner of the screen which will bring you to the Settings page. 


On the Settings page, turn on “Touchless Check-in”. 


And that's how you set up contactless check-in for your Boomset event!



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