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When setting up an Event, Organizers need to set up different Registration Types with which their Attenedes will register. While setting these up, the Organizer will be able to customize key settings that can faciliate the Registration Process. 

To set up Registration Types, go to Manage > Registration > Registration Types. 


Creating a Registration Type

Clicking on Create Registration Type will prompt you to enter some Basic and Advanced Settings. The latter do not need to be set up while creating the Registration Type, but the basic settings need to set up for you to save your Registration Type. You will be asked to enter: 


  • Name: The Name you want to give to the Registration Type. This information will be publicly visible if you are hosting your Registration through Boomset. 
  • Description: A short description of the Registration Type (for instance, Early Bird Ticket). 
  • Price: The price you want to set for this ticket. If left blank, the ticket will be free. If you add an amount but the changes won't save, please set up a Payment Gateway first. 
  • Quantity: How many tickets will be available for this Registration Type. 
  • Availability: Where attendees can acquire the Ticket. If set to Door, it will be available on-site on the Event; if set to Online, it will only be visible in Boomset's registration Type. These can also be hidden for everyone but the Organizer Team. Keep in mind that it's necessary to have at least one Registration Type set to Door or Online & Door to allow walk-ins into your Event. 

Once you have filled out these fields, click on Save for the Registration Type to be set up! 

Advanced Settings

Aside from the Basic Settings covered above, Organizers can modify other details about their Registration. Clicking on Advanced Settings will display the settings menu. 



Organizers can determine the total number of tickets associated with each Registration Type. If left blank, no limit will be put in place. Likewise, Organizers can determine the total number of Sessions accessible for each Registration Type. For instance, if Attendees register for a VIP ticket, they can also register for 10 Sessions. Meanwihle, someone with a General Admission ticket could be given access to 3. 

Here, the visibility of the remaining availability tickets can be toggled ON or OFF. 


With the Absorb the Service Fee toggle, the Organizers can add the service fee for the ticket sale unto the total cost of the ticket. 

Pre-Approval allows the Organizers to condition the registration based on their approval. In short, if this is enabled, attendee's registration would have to be confirmed by the Organizer. You can learn more about this here. 


Likewise, during this set up, Organizers can toggle on the Include Lead Retrieval License button, which will automatically assign a Lead Retrieval License to the Attendee. It will make them an Exhibitor in the process. You need to have Exhibitor Credits to enable this. 

Names Badges makes this Registration Types eligible for having a badge assigned. If toggled off, no badges will be assigned to this Registration Type. With Badge Format, you can determine the text that will visible on the badge if the [Registration Type] Dynamic field is added. We have a bit more information about setting up badges here. 

When turning on the Speaker toggle, the Attendee will be marked as a Speaker automatically on Boomset. 

Lastly, you can set up the Availability for this ticket. If a timeframe is set, registrants will only be able to acquire a ticket during this period. 


When you're done, don't forget to click on Save!

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to support team at  

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